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Mar 10 17 11:40 AM

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What is a really good orchestral sample suite?
Compatible with Logic. Preferably with scoring capabilities (printable outout; and where you can write the score that's then played), and can handle keyboard input.

I am sure there are multiple options, but what do you have experience with that's good?

This will be used for scoring (where it's only the orchestra) and adding instruments to more basic rock/pop tracks. 

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Aqua Marine

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Mar 10 17 12:28 PM

That video is Miraslav 2. I have "one". Search for other videos The timpani drum sections are so powerful when used right. I got these plugs (VST) but it was the client who used his skill in putting a full symphony orchestra together with these plug ins

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Ruby Baby

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Mar 10 17 12:41 PM

The best I've heard by far is the Hollywood Orchestra: http://www.soundsonline.com/Hollywood-Orchestra

It's expensive, comes on its own hard drive, but I was blown away when I heard it used by someone who really knows how to write for orchestra. It's like any virtual instrument, though - the better your orchestral writing skills the better any sample set will sound.

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Mar 10 17 1:07 PM

I've got a ton of stuff from Spitfire Audio in London. Best stuff I've heard. Recorded at AIR-Lyndhurst Hall, so it has "baked in" reverb. I have the big orchestra that used to be called Mural. Very nice. A little spendy.

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Mar 10 17 4:18 PM

The Spitfire stuff is indeed great. There's a ton of other good stuff out ther from people like Vienna Symphonic Library, EastWest, Sonokinetik and a bunch of others I forget. What the top-level ones all have in common is that they tend to be quite expensive, but you could investigate EastWest's Composer Cloud subscription service, which seems good value.

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Mar 10 17 4:21 PM

+1 for Spitfire. Albion One is a beautiful thing.
I'd also suggest looking at Orchestral Tools. The Berlin libraries and Metropolis Ark for the FFFF stuff are quite wonderful too.

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Aqua Marine

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Mar 10 17 7:19 PM

seth wrote:
 It's like any virtual instrument, though - the better your orchestral writing skills the better any sample set will sound.

Not to side track too much; I remember hearing some stuff from the Roland XP/JV sound engine -possibly with one or more of the expansion cards - done by a real experienced guy around 15 or so years ago, that was absolutely jaw dropping. Sonics and workflow sure have improved since then.

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