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silvertone wrote:

I had a Panasonic WRT820B, it smoked the Soundcraft 600 I had  at the time in my B room. That got replaced by a Trident 24... but that console was nothing like the 80B. Still I thought the Panasonic sounded better than the 24 I replaced it with.  To be honest I only did it for the name.  Everybody gave me a hard time about the Panasonic name as well.  Engineers really need to trust their ears more. lol

Oh man..  I did so many records at a studio in Minneapolis that had  that Ramsa WRT-820, I recall we modded it in some fundamental way to separate the CR monitor out from the stereo bus? (too long ago).  It had replaced a Tascam desk which had VUs ( the Ramsa had LED meters).. one of the producers who used the studio was blind, and I had to teach him to use the VUs on the MS-16 to set the levels (he'd listen for the needles hitting the end stops to set level..!)

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re: Ramsa WRT-820. back in the day, dave derr (of empirical/distressor fame) used to have one (possibly 2) in his studio in jersey as well. i had a smaller version for awhile (can't remember the exact model number), that i now regret selling when i had to liquidate gear to get a mortgage down payment.

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