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Mar 11 17 12:36 PM

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Hey All

I love learning about all of this and especially the analog side of things. I was going thru some youtube stuff on consoles and watching who used what and when etc.

Just wondered since so many hear use them or have what was your fav console to own or work on, when, and why? model? year?

What did you record on them? and if you want to add more I would be curious to know what the upkeep was like. So if say your fav console for workflow and sound was an API something or other but the upkeep was horrendous, that would be cool to know as well.

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Ruby Baby

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Mar 11 17 12:55 PM

I haven't tried every single desk, or even close to it.

But my answer is really boring... I enjoy the Neve 80 series for tracking, and the SSL 4000 series for mixing.

You will find many experienced folks here who dislike both of those consoles in either role, find them overrated, and prefer things I haven't ever had the pleasure of working on for extended periods... I've never worked on a Trident A Range, for example.

And totally valid, I'm sure.

brad allen williams

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Ruby Baby

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Mar 11 17 5:28 PM

My favourite is unquestionably the Trident A. Followed probably by API. 

I make no distinction between recording and mixing in this regard. Better sounding is just better sounding. 

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Aqua Marine

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Mar 11 17 8:58 PM

If the ultrasonic cleaning messed up my board, I might just get this to get me by. They've had this board for years and the price keeps going down. Right now it's $3000.00image   Last Viewed 11 minutes agoTrident Audio 88 Series 40-Channel Full VU Meter Bridge (Factory Install) SKU: TA8840VUMB MFR: 88-40VUMBBe the first to review this item ASK a Question$3,000.00 Add to wish list Sale alert Free Shipping See all shipping options

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tim halligan

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Mar 11 17 10:18 PM

Chance...I clicked on the link.

As far as I can ascertain, that price is just for the meter bridge.


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