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Mar 18 17 7:19 PM

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Hi All,

NSEQ-FF with Forssell board. Black front panel and knobs. This is the mastering version with both stepped pots (gains & Q) and switches (frequencies.)  Also have partial set of black Kilo knobs (think Dangerous or Manley) as well as originals. Excellent condition.

$2995 USD

Weiss EQ-1-DYN. Has new display and is in great condition. This is the version that allows 4 of the 7 bands to react dynamically to the input signal. Very, very helpful. I had three of them and no longer need anything beyond stereo, hence the sale.

$3500 USD

Foote P3S-Mastering compressor. This is one of the original versions with Elma switches and Carnhill transformers. Does not have the Class-A amp board. Excellent condition.

$1625 USD

Gear is located in V0R 1X5, Canada (West Coast.) Buyer pays shipping, duties, taxes, etc. Paypal for international sales and interac for Canadian transactions.



Graemme Brown **Zen Mastering** Gabriola, Canada 1.604.874.9096 info AT zenmastering DOT net

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