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Apr 11 17 4:29 PM

maarvold wrote:

extrememixing wrote:
I mentioned it in the other thread Michael, but you should try Chrome. I see them in Chrome, but don't in Safari. That makes me think it's a Safari issue. Chuck thinks I'm daft, but at least I see the content.



You did mention it.  But I am really reluctant to support Google in any ways other than the most basic ones that cross my path because many of us are already 'dancing to their tune' and it's not necessarily a supportive 'tune' to my way of life.  It's sort of an old concept now but: "think globally, act locally".  And I know if I figure out why, I'll get an 'a-HA moment' and I'll get to feel smart for a few fleeting moments.  But it seems more likely at this point that I'll do an OS update at some point and it'll just be working again.  

In a word - Firefox.