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Apr 12 17 9:19 AM

weird, it worked the other day.

To tell the truth it's ALL more-or-less inferior to the Brazilian rosewood that was outlawed in '69.

Pick up a board of Brazilian and it rings like a marimba bar. East Indian Rosewood is pretty (though not as pretty) and not entirely a different animal... but is not anywhere near the same, tonally, as Brazilian.

brad allen williams

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Apr 12 17 11:32 AM

When it comes to acoustic guitars, I personally (usually) like a mahogany body better than the non-Brazilian rosewood that is still sold as the superior (or at least more expensive) option. For fretboards I haven't really been able to decide how much of a difference it makes. Surely SOME difference, but I wouldn't bet money that I could distinguish the sound of a rosewood fretboard from pau ferro, or whatever.

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My Ramirez has a Brazilian body and while it's such a fine guitar I am not sure how much the Brazilian contributes, but man does this guitar speak.

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