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Apr 16 17 7:09 PM

We have aspects of society that are functional or dysfunctional.... or often, things which have varying levels of function depending on context.

I really HATE how valid concepts, used to describe such things, have been politicized.

People are so worried about PC culture disrupting their "snowflake" lives (ha), and I just have to go - hey, no one is keeping anyone from sharing their wonderful, enlightening opinions.

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Aqua Marine

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Apr 16 17 7:15 PM

Without having seen, in their current location, the two pieces in person I can only speculate about this... however, I will.  It seems like the current intent is to use the girl's presence in addition to the bull's to make one overarching statement.  It's like a two-for-one sale and not unlike what business tries to accomplish every day: more bang for less buck.  In that respect it might be extremely timely.  

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Apr 16 17 10:45 PM

Very few artists have a say in how their art is displayed. You put something in a public space (especially without first getting permission, as is the case of the Bull) and what should you expect other than it will have to live within, and adapt to its surroundings.

Both the Bull and the Girl are statements apropos to their time, neither are great art.

Lastly I don't see the Girl as explicitly female, I see it more as a comment on individuals standing up to the corporatocracy.

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