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Apr 13 17 4:32 PM

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So a client is talking about sending a project I'm working on to A to Z Media for vinyl production; supposedly they are providing DMM cutting.  Last I heard there were no more DMM facilities in the US - I'm very curious if anyone on list knows about this and has opinions about it good or bad?  I wonder if they're just not brokering it out to a European facility with DMM.

Anyway, wondering if anyone here has informed opinions about DMM in general, and A to Z's DMM service specifically?

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Apr 14 17 12:44 PM

rbreen wrote:
Thanks - anyone have any experience with / thoughts about this plant?

One 7" I played guitar on was DMM mastered and pressed there, and several (8-10) friends (whose mixes I was acquainted with beforehand) have had their records DMM mastered and pressed there.  

I'd put it like this-- is it as good as having a top-flight cutting engineer master your project and cutting it on an excellent lacquer disk, and then having that disk expertly plated and pressed by one of the better domestic plants?

Not in my experience.

Does it give you some sort of vinyl product you can sell at shows that will play when you put a stylus on it? And do so for relatively cheap?

Most certainly yes.

Is your audience likely to know the difference? Well, that depends on your audience.

I would not go that way for a project that was about creating an immersive listening experience of relatively serious music, nor if audiophiles were a component of the audience. But if I were making a punk rock 7"? Sure, why the hell not. 

brad allen williams

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