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Platinum Blonde

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Apr 14 17 11:31 PM

Google something like Nazi Brazil and it won't seem so amazing. Seems pretty normal there would be some sort of mix German language and that it's widespread.

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Platinum Blonde

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Apr 16 17 11:08 AM

When I was in southern Brasil we drove by a town that I was told spoke German. My hosts said it was German as it was spoke in the 1600-1700,s because they had been isolated for so long. I forget the name of  the town but I think it was down the mountain from Curitiba towards the coast.

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Aqua Marine

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Apr 16 17 11:35 AM

When I see things like this I wonder what effect the German culture has had on the music and food of the areas as well.

We were just in Mazatlan where "Banda Music" is very popular. When I asked where it comes from I was told it's a mix of Marching band and traditional Mexican musics.

I don't know if that's accurate but it sounds like it.

Anyway didn't mean to hijack the thread, but the mix of cultures is something I love.

OK it's cold here

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