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Apr 16 17 10:31 PM

Wow.  Sad to hear this.  Allan Holdsworth brings back so many memories for me as a young, aspring guitarist.  One of my musical heroes in those formative years.  Such big sounds (clean and distorted).  Groundbreaking use of the volume knob/pedal-delay sound.  Saw him in concert as a teen.  Dry humor.  Very funny guy.  Exciting presentation.  Good memories.  Thanks Allan!

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Apr 17 17 1:39 PM

Met him in Vancouver years ago after he'd had a difficult border crossing en route to a gig in Victoria (I believe).A very nice, darkly funny guy. We talked for about two hours.
Amazing, innovative player who hated to repeat himself. Probably contributed to his early exit from a couple of commercially viable situations but kept him true to himself without any particular artistic arrogance.

A real loss.

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