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Jul 10 17 2:31 PM

Exactly so, have had a situation with the B word a couple times lately (no, not Blue). Paul's summation sounds like it may be the case there. When the manufacturer says, what! you're using it in a patch bay! Hello, this is the real world.


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Jul 12 17 8:01 PM

gold wrote:
My Prism AD2 was very unhappy this morning. The front panel lights all looked good but it wasn't seeing input. I got some hash at the output at one point but mostly nothing. I switched over to the Lavry Blue AD. I haven't used it in years. Sounds good to me. No obvious quality loss althought todays projects wouldn't point out subtle diffences, ahem. It can get hot in here so I'm going to let the AD2 rest, then reset it and hope for the best.

If the PS has never been re-capped you might try shotgunning it.  That fixed mine a few years ago when it presented in exactly the same manner one day out of the blue

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