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May 16 17 5:37 PM

bockaudio wrote:
IIR George Massenburg came up with that expression, or at least he used to say it a lot.

Fire bottle is an expression that goes back to my ham radio days in the 1950s, and I'm sure it's earlier than that. Maybe comes from broadcast or military radio operators.

The Jargon File obviously isn't old enough. It says:

electrical device, similar in function to a FET but constructed out
of glass, metal, and vacuum.  Characterized by high cost, low
density, low reliability, high-temperature operation, and high    power
dissipation.  Sometimes mistakenly called a `tube' in the    U.S.  or a
`valve' in England; another hackish term is    {glassfet}.
That's a little backwards, don't you think?

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May 17 17 6:14 PM

Thank you Mike you can't know how glad I am the phrase precedes GM, Mr.Transistor.
Just to debunk JF, I changed the tubes in my MC225 over twenty years ago, and it's on every night, and I have never changed any tubes in my Baldwin Leslie, which is older than me.

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May 17 17 6:30 PM

I can't count how many old Fender amps I've run across still sporting their original tubes, from 40-60 years ago.

Left to their own devices, the majority of the time the Mallory electrolytic caps in those amps will fail before the original RCA tubes will.

brad allen williams

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