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May 9 17 9:10 PM

Yes, well the fact that all the data needs to be cleaned up, verified, and centrally administered if your going to depend on computers to administer it might be a big undertaking.
But if that was done it would be a big improvement over the ragtag reporting methods in existence today.

In computer record keeping its all about having clean data. Without that the system is broken.

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May 10 17 6:55 AM

Of course, the attorneys, managers, labels, publishers, can't be "circumvented", even though Blockchain would allow the artist or composer to be paid directly.  How would they all be able to siphon off "their share" otherwise.   Paragraph 7-8 is where the robot waves its arms and says "danger, danger, danger!"

Earl Norris www.fourloudbarks.com

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May 14 17 9:22 AM

they could have done it years ago...

perhaps they will do it now?

meanwhile the industry is up for grabs.

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May 14 17 9:44 AM

Using the blockchain for something like this sounds like a nightmare waiting to happen...but I guess it's slightly less frocked with peril than allowing bitcoin to be exchanged into real currency.

Bitcoin and blockchain are two of the most dangerous developments in economics. They are not nearly as secure or stable as they are represented as being. It might not be fair to call it a scam, but....

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May 16 17 12:15 AM

chance wrote:
Computers for president. You have the Mac party, the PC party and the Linux (independent) party

Except when the Mac candidate becomes President, software developers will still view it as an 'also ran' and refuse to accommodate its OS in many ways.  

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