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May 9 17 4:45 PM

If you're going to get in that kind of waving contest, it's good to be waving it in a Mach 3 aircraft.

"Kerry fixed the stereo, and now it doesn't work." (My six-year-old sister)

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Aqua Marine

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May 10 17 12:45 PM

Yup, OK... not the most fuel efficient vehicle. And the program training hours and such cost a bundle.
But wow, it still is impressive to me that men (Any women?) would strap themselves into that and fly it.
I have trouble backing up my T@B trailer!

OK it's cold here

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John Eppstein

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May 14 17 3:23 AM

owlander wrote:
That was awesome. I was in love with that jet when I was a kid; I built a model of it.

Funny story.

When I was a kid I built a model of a B-17....

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