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May 13 17 11:19 AM

A friend of mine is about to do a short tour of south east Asia as the bass player for Boney M.

It's not his first time.

He says that the material is easy, and what's left of the original band are nice...

...but the real downside is having to wear the 70's era brightly coloured disco pants.

As he says - "if it weren't for that fucking mortgage..."


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May 13 17 11:36 AM

Good article Terry. We all know plenty of guys like this now... unfortunately and fortunately.

I couldn't handle being a road dog either. Loved touring, loved the fans, loved the hassle. Hated how it beat you up.

I admire guys like Tony Levin and yourself Terry that can do it all their lives and stay healthy. You got through some pretty rough periods.

Maybe if times were different for me... but in the 70's between the drugs (way too many different kinds to experiment with), the girls (only say "girls" because more than one of my band mates got the clap while on the road) and the food (about every 6 months or so someone was carted off by the ambulance for food poisoning... or worse) the road was not a healthy place.

Power to both Hermans Hermits!

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May 13 17 12:51 PM

zmix wrote:
I have a friend who is now the manager of the Zombies...

I was kind of surprised by how on point their performances were on the live record they released a few years ago for the anniversary of Odessey and Oracle.

Colin Blunstone's vocals were still very nice, in particular.

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mike mcroberts


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May 13 17 1:37 PM

I saw him in 1998 for the Teen Idol Tour, with Bobby Sherman and Davy Jones. The show was great. My sister, who had a crush on him when she was a teen, was suffering her second bout of cancer, first breast, then a brain tumor. I thought maybe a little message from him would cheer her up. I taped the whole show and he did this for me, which I put at the end of the show..

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May 13 17 3:16 PM

I've never played with Peter, but the morning after a gig with a lot of artists I had breakfast with him. He's a very nice guy. I got the impression he never believed in his image, which is the healthiest way to live IMHO.

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John Eppstein

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May 13 17 6:00 PM

Herman's Hermits has been kind of a guilty pleasure with me since high school. I'm still really fond of "Henery" the VIII...

What isn't remembered about them so much any more is that they weren't entirely a noveltty act - they did killer versions of "Silhouettes" and "Travelin' Light", for example...

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May 17 17 6:22 PM

silvertone wrote:

I admire guys like Tony Levin and yourself Terry that can do it all their lives and stay healthy. You got through some pretty rough periods.

You know Tony Levin?

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