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Jun 5 17 12:47 PM

John Eppstein wrote:
zmix wrote:

dcollins wrote:Only colleges had the bandwidth to support file-sharing back in the 1890's. And it sounds fine with AAC at 320. Also agree it's a total engineering tour-de-force.

When I can get JJ to comment on something fancy, I always learn some thing new.

 So true. JJ is a treasure.  I'd love to know if his AAC R&D was honestly aimed at "improvement" or motivated by avoiding patent infringement.

Well, when I've discussed it with him ion private he has expressed a certain amount of displeasure about the final implementation. More than that, I can't say.
I'm sure I can ask him myself..   he did tell me that the headroom issue resulted in "hails of derisive laughter"  when he made his recommendations...