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May 19 17 7:26 AM

I drove cross country about 9 months after that happened... it was quite the site to see. Ash was still everywhere and it looked like we were on another planet. I'll never forget that site.

Just like when I saw those two planes turn and head down the Hudson. We have coffee on our screened in back porch every morning so we can enjoy the views, I remember turning to my wife and saying, that's odd, they never do that. A half hour later I saw why.

Images are powerful.

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May 19 17 12:07 PM

Had a front row seat, sitting on my front porch watching the ash cloud billow over the mountain, its about 40 miles away. We were quite lucky that the winds didn't bring it onto Portland that day. It's sorta like snow, except it doesn't melt!


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May 19 17 12:24 PM

several months after the blast i was flying back to seattle, and seatac was fogged in so bad we had to wait to land...
the pilot went to St. Hellens and circled it a few times, both directions so both sides of the plane could see.

that was a very big mountain. the area devastated and looking like moonscape was HUGE.

seeing things of such massive scale is...amazing.


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