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Just finished my most chalenging session to date. The client first sent me the track files so I could have them already loaded injto my HDR when he got here. The trk names were titled so "he" would understand. I was lost. For example. Woosh bass, synth bass, cort 1, 2, 3, KB 1' 2' 3, ding, etc. He arrived from Idaho and explained the tracks to me and we started premixing until the main vocalist flew in to do her parts. I felt so helpless having little to no control over the drums and other parts. He did have a bass, sn, cymb, and tom tracks, as well as a real guitar track, but about 16 tracks were all done with a midi synth. They were happy with the final, but I was left feeling I could have done so much more if it had real instruments that I could shape and place in the stereo field better. The singer had the sweetest timber in her voice much like Olivia N John When I get my imac running again, I'll post for possible pointers and tips what I could have done better
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