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Jul 12 17 6:28 PM

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I read the lengthy, technical thread about the Master Buss Processor recently... 
From a budget standpoint, how does the compressor section compare with other, popular compressors one might use in mastering? If you could only afford an MBP or a high quality solid-state compressor, but not both, would you go with the MBP?

On the used market at least, for a bit more money than one might spend on a Foote Control comp, a Dangerous Compressor, an STC-8, you can get the MBP with all its bells and whistles. I've got a couple nice tube compressors, but I would like to add a really clean solid state one. Does the MBP's compressor stand up to the ones I mentioned?
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jerry tubb

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Jul 13 17 10:56 AM

well... I use my Rupert MBP in tandem with the Manley VM all day every day.
a formidable combination, and total opposites.
the Rupert has that clean powerful character with tons of headroom and makeup gain.
where the MVM has that 3D tube mojo with color.
but I could do it with only the Rupert mbp and have a few times.
wish I'd had the Neve MBP 27 years ago!!!
best, JT

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