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Jul 14 17 11:27 AM

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I watched a couple episodes of this show and it kind of/sort of reminded me of when disco came on the scene. Last night after a performance, one of the judges singled out one person in one of the groups and told him "You were amazing! You stuck out from all the rest! You have the confidence and talent to be a star! Then he said "You remind me of "me" when I was your age". Sheesh. Maybe I had it all wrong, but I always thought that "a band" was a group of people who create, produce, and perform music. This boy band thng is wrongly titled. It should be "Boy Group". I am working with "AirSpoken" a simuliar kind of group, but they write, play, and record most all their own music and when they perform, they do it with their own prerecorded music that "they" created. Sure there is talent on this show, but I see no band. Only a group of singers, dancers, and performers. It's all for the eyes. Music/band should be for for the ears. 

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Jul 15 17 1:49 AM

The Beatles were a boy BAND

A singing group with backup is also called the same but it would be more properly called group as you say, Chance.

But then again, people call all kinds of tracks 'songs' when in fact they aren't necessarily songs at all..

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Jul 17 17 11:51 PM

"What is the definition of a band these days?"

Well, as far as I know it's the same as it's always been - a strip of of cloth, leather, or a similar subsance worn around some part of the body, such as the wrist, belly, or head (or hat...) It can also be a strip of metal or something similar used as part of a mechanical assembly such as a brake band.

Oh, yeah - it can also referr to group of human miscreants. (ex: "a band of thieves")

I don't think most "boy bands" qualify - too squeaky clean. 

Centainly not The Beatles. They were "Rockers" when they started out. Not squeaky clean at all.

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