tom eaton

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Mar 20 12 9:01 AM

thanks, pete!  i got pulled away to another pretty full time studio gig as i was finishing construction on my place... someday it will get all its finishing touches, but it does work... and feels like home!

i'm a firm believer in the idea that studio owner/operators should make their place as homey to themselves as possible... i think that to some degree will bring the right kinds of clients... those whose basic aesthetic is compatible...


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Jan 8 13 5:22 PM

Thanks...They're just  2 area rugs with the little squares in the pattern.  Roll em up, throw em in the closet.  They created a little geometric photo-op when I put the camera on the floor...

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Feb 22 13 1:52 PM

wow amazing spots being 'splay'd up in here! nice werk fellas...love it...

Since my Studio is less than 1 mile from my house, does that qualify it? 

Adam J. Brass 

DSPDoctor, LLC  

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Oct 4 13 4:00 AM

Hey Adam,
Curious to know how the timber affects the sound. I notice you have no absorption panels behind the monitors. I was thinking of timber for a couple of walls in my converted garage. Looks like a good creative space.

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dr funk

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Oct 22 13 1:19 PM

Keyboard central - way cool, Jim! That's one serious collection! I'm up to 23 myself, plus some modules/expanders/drum machines etc. It seems I have a long way to go...

Is that a Yamaha D80 to the left of the D85? And did I spot the guts of a Prophet 5 in the second last pic?

I love those little Hammond chord organs! Been looking for one for a long time, but they never seem to show up in my part of the world (Ireland/UK).

But... I'll see your Cotillion and raise you an MX-1!


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Oct 22 13 3:21 PM

Frank: Thanks for having a look! Yes, that's a D80 and a D85. There's also a big E70 hiding in one of the other rooms, if you can spot it!

The Prophet 5 is a fully working brain, with midi. Sounds great.

Those Hammond S6 chord organs are sleeping giants. They are sort of "baby Novachords" (but less carcinogenic). Run a 1/4 inch out, and send it to effects and a Leslie. Amazing. AND....the big secret is that they have an rca input. Instant killer 50's tube amplifier, with two 6L6's and two 10 inch speakers.

The Cotillion probably gets the most use out of any instrument here. It's just so FUN, and the choir sounds are from another planet. 

Nanaimo, BC Canada www.facebook.com/ApeIslandSound

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