Jan 25 11 11:39 PM

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OK, we are going to try this, because we have had some requests for it.

Here you can list any AUDIO GEAR items you may have for sale, or things that you would like to find and buy.  Do not list items other than recording gear or instruments.

Just list the equipment, describe it briefly, and give an email address where people can contact you.

Put your full name in your post, even if it is already in your profile or signature.

We have decided it is OK to list your basic selling price, and to post one orr two photos...but please keep the photos to 640 x 480 pixels, @ 72 dpi.

Please no haggling here, keep all correspondence away from the Forum.

When something is sold (or bought), please post that as well, so that we can later take the topic down.  No need to clog things up with old, out of date stuff.  We will try to purge most listings after 30-60 days anyway, unless special circumstances exist.

Also here you may list HELP WANTED or POSITIONS WANTED within the Audio industries. Studios, Mastering houses, gear manufacturers, and similar businesses are eligible.  Again, please no mention of salaries or other monetary concerns. Please limit the participation to a simple announcement with an email address for contact.

Hopefully this will go smoothly, people will abide by the rules, nothing will get overly commercial or out of hand.

If not, we will just delete the whole Gift Shop concept.

Happy Hunting!