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Feb 2 12 7:51 AM

... the same thing band nerds use to slick up their bone ...


Wow, Ken - that's a who-o-o-ole other topic!

"If you connect you're a genius, if not you're an idiot. So you have to be careful." - Tony K

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Feb 3 12 7:23 AM

Great thread , as I am building the courage to open up an old Realistic Moog that has lots of issues.
All of the faders are either stuck or sticky.

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Feb 3 12 3:17 PM

AH... those faders almost certainly DON'T have slider rails...

Whole other kettle of wax. -Different ball of fish completely.

-Keith Andrews -If I can't fix it, I can fix it so [i]NOBODY[/i] can fix it!

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