Feb 26 11 12:00 PM

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Here we are going to try a new feature, SPECIAL PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENTS from audio Manufacturers, and new Dealers just starting out.

Manufacturers:  Please only post about a new product, a significant upgrade to a previous product, or a special event which hosts/features the product, and is available for attendance by PRW Members.

Dealers:  Please post only one upon start up of your new business.

Topics will be locked after initial posting, unless there is obvious and good reason not to do so.  General discussion about all gear should occur in The G-Gear Center section.

This section will be monitored intently, and anything not meeting the guidelines will be deleted.

Full Disclosure:

Yes, several Moderators here are associated with their own or other audio manufacturing companies.

This fact will in no way affect the editing or policing of this forum...our Mods' products will not be favoured, nor will any competitor's products will be disparaged or deleted.  The same goes for any of the Forum's Friendly Supporters!

If this section does get out of hand, we will discontinue it.

Thanks to all, and here's to seeing some great new gear!