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Mar 15 11 4:38 PM

OK, here's a real waveform, with all the numbers and grid lines redrawn for sharpness. Grid lines can be removed if desired.

It says...well, you guess what it says. It's appropriate.

I don't have the new PRW logo in hi-res, so if you want to use it, feel free to add the logo. If not, no hard feelings. It's 10" wide and 200 dpi which is what cafepress recommends IIRC.

Isn't the noise floor lovely in my office? Between the PC with the 747 engine that hosts my Video Editor and the 5 ton portable unit they parked outside my door because the geeks in IT had too many computers, it's like Niagara Falls in here every day.

Click here to view the attachment

"Kerry fixed the stereo, and now it doesn't work." (My six-year-old sister)

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Aqua Marine

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Mar 18 11 11:51 AM

The more signal less noise one above is available in grey.  You can prob get 3-4 days out of that.  I find black shows the food you drip from your mouth worse, so grey lasts longest.

NEW COLOURS ADDED!  As per request!


Thanks Terry!
There's a weird bug with that page; as I roll my mouse over the different colors it flips between the different versions of the logo.  But if it flips to the basic version when it gets to, green, for instance, and I keep going, when I go back to green it stays on the S/N version.  Or vice-versa.

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Diamond Forever

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Mar 18 11 2:32 PM

Hmmm, I assume you mean the "Dark Shirt."

It worked fine for me in Firefox.

But I went back and reloaded the page, hopefully it will be OK.  Maybe try another Browser to see what it does?


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bill mueller

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Mar 24 11 4:02 PM

Hi Terry,

You can come up with an image I'm sure, having been in the rock and roll community for the required number of years.

My favorite slogan, (that I made up until somebody proves otherwise) is.

Audio Engineers Make Better Masters.

Best regards,


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