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Apr 15 11 3:54 PM

Well let's see you in it...
"Pix or it didn't happen."


Hah!  Sorry I hadn't checked back in this thread in a while.  I'm happy to report that after a few washings the shirt is meeting all advertised specs ;)  Here is an obligatory public washroom portrait:

Click here to view the attachment

Rick Welin - Clark Drive Studios Vancouver 

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Aqua Marine

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Apr 23 11 11:58 PM

At least the sign on the door says 'men'.


Yes, once I had a - male - friend send me a picture from his cell, he texted "you won't believe who I've just met here at the bus station!" and took a pic of him and an old friend I haven't seen in years...  the sign on the door said "women"...

I txtd back "dude! WTF girls bathroom" and he said the men's had no mirror so...  and told me that since he was already in, he sneaked a few snaps from above the stalls... 

No, I declined his offer.

Later I asked him why he didn't just point the cell cam to both of them instead of looking for a mirror and heard the expected 'doh...  mirror pics are more fun".

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