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Apr 3 15 6:35 PM

Pussy cats please take note: while I appreciate your efforts to keep our house free of rodents, I would prefer to step on a complete dead mouse barefoot in the middle of the night rather than a pile of cold barf full of dead mouse parts. If you'd keep that in mind I'd be greatly appreciative. Thank you for your attention.


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kb s1

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Apr 25 15 12:35 PM

Sadly the day has come for our fantastic little companion Nutkin.
As some of you will remember we thought she was a gonner after being attacked by another cat last year -already at a ripe old age.
Well, she fought back from that and had a pretty decent 18 months or so but age really caught up with her this last few weeks.

we had set out criteria a few months back that if ever she was at the stage where there was no purring, or signs of her enjoying life we would rather see her go in peace than draw it out wth suffering.
Always a tough call but by the time we got to the vet yesterday it was clear that it was the correct decision.
My wife has had this great little cat in her life for 17 years - she really was a gem.
That is what we will remember and be forever grateful for.

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Apr 25 15 1:07 PM


Our remaining two boys are 17 this summer and both have kidney issues but they're otherwise healthy. It's not going to be easy to say goodbye when the time comes. We've had them since the day they were born in our front yard.

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dr funk

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Apr 26 15 1:20 PM

Sorry for your loss, Keith. Best wishes to you - it's a tough time.

My poor boy Spats hasn't been himself for several weeks, and the vet hasn't figured out what the issue is yet. It may be a kidney or urinary tract issue, but it's hard to see him being so unhappy and restless. He's only 6, so should hopefully bounce back soon when we get to the bottom of it.


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Aug 30 15 12:42 PM

barkleymckay wrote:
Ooh, what a way to have your nap disturbed!

I'd be furious with the ground crew...

Should have been appropriately flagged:


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