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Mar 7 14 5:41 PM

One of my Sinatra Books is:

The Frank Sinatra Scrapbook by Richard Peters, also incorporating "The Sinatra Sessions: A Complete Listing of his Recording Sessions, 1939-1982," by Ed Obrien & Scott P. Sayers, Jr.

I have another Sinatra book around here somewhere which has great text and photos all about KHJ, early Capitol, etc. Will look for that.

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Apr 4 14 5:17 AM

I thought "Sessions With Sinatra" by Charles Granata was an interesting book. It was recommended to me on this site.

Ps Norm, I have an original mono copy from '55 and I remember noticing that sound difference as well - i'll pay more attention next listening for that.

I'm looking for a better copy though - are the late 2000 (08 or so) well done or is that the re-master job John referring to as being a bit wonky?

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Aug 29 14 1:40 PM

Think of the comb filtering and phase problems that that MUST have caused.  Nearly unusable I would imagine!!!  What were they thinking???  :-0


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Oct 29 14 8:34 AM

Not sure if this one has made it into the thread

Most of the videos in this thread have been been removed at the YouTube end. This is cheesy, but still, The Chairman and The King...


"Kerry fixed the stereo, and now it doesn't work." (My six-year-old sister)

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