barry hufker

Diamond Forever

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Sep 20 14 11:30 PM

My Lord how that girl can't dance.  She tries and she tries and she's just so awful.  Thanks Terry for posting this.  It's a lot of fun.

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Aqua Marine

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Sep 21 14 4:33 PM

barry hufker wrote:
My Lord how that girl can't dance.

We need to see that clip with the original music. And since I'm a worse dancer than her, I wouldn't mind.

Oh, just found a good use for a time machine: go back to meet BP in her pirme. It would be either exquistely satisfying or would destroy my admiration for her.

Hey, we can't use time travel to change the past and help mankind, OK? So that would be one of the few real uses for it.

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Gold Finger

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Feb 28 15 5:53 PM

You are wellcome! Ha, I knew you would not let it be. A lot of Betty there to be found on many other tubes.

Esa Tervala

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