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Nov 19 11 4:57 PM

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First, a sincere thank you to everyone for your contributions.

However, none of us, myself included, is fully correct when it comes to being right about politics or religion.

And somehow, the political threads lead to good people getting more upset than they should in a music forum, and good friend fellow recordists say things they might later wish they had not.

With that being said, a couple of threads have now been deleted, and a couple more locked.

Maybe in future we should just stay out of the political realm.

Again, thanks to all, and here's hoping for good will amongst friends.



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Nov 19 11 5:07 PM

 . . . phew . . .

   Thanks Terry, - with you all the way! Love, Peace, and Understanding . . .

     Kindest regards,


Ruh Roh . . . . .


eric harizanos

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Nov 19 11 5:31 PM

I love the political discussions, even if sometimes they lead to a clash.
I think that it's great to have so many different people, from various locations around the world discuss social, economic, religious, strategic topics.

However, people getting into it still should have an open mind and understanding of others opinions and logic. The first rule should be to force ourselves to accept difference of opinion and not get in the tranches at the first phrase that goes outside our own view.
Jumping up (metaphorically) and being agressive should not be an option.

Let's behave and not shut down a open world wide debate.
Our future as humans really depends on that ability at this point.
Thanks for all the posts, because i really learn something useful everyday here.



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Nov 19 11 6:55 PM

It is fascinating to go back to the old forums and look at heated discussions and who was painting themselves on the wrong side of history, with the benefit of hindsight. The problem is, none of those people speak to each other anymore. Such is the climate these days. :(



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Nov 19 11 7:21 PM

Here, we will continue speaking to each other.

We have too much in common to be torn asunder.



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Nov 19 11 7:36 PM

I think the inability to discuss these things is the major political problem of our times.  Continuation of which will surely doom us.

Maybe it's just a sign of systemic breakdown.  I hope we can find a solution before it's too late.  

Unfortunately unless we get a dictator we're going to need a dialog to forge a new way.  

It's either a peaceful revolution borne of discussion or a violent one . . . I know which one I'd prefer.


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Nov 19 11 8:08 PM

Politics (and religion too) are topics that are not suitable for the dinner table.

Is this the dinner table?  Kind of.

I'm happy to take my policy and political stuff over to Facebook and leave this place safe and clean for us music wonks.

I posted in a deleted thread that I consider it a privilege to discuss these things with all you folks, including those who may have left.

As such I'm perfectly happy, for the good of the order, to relinquish that privilege in favor of a more peaceful colloquy.

Let's show funny pictures and talk about circuitry and mikeyphones.  We all love that stuff.



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Nov 19 11 8:18 PM

Let's show funny pictures and talk about circuitry and mikeyphones.  We all love that stuff.


Lets get William discussing the virtues of current U87s.

Ken Morgan

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Apr 11 12 9:16 AM

And, indeed political viewpoints have now been posted, so we will delete those and lock the topic...a topic intended only as an announcement of intention, not a thread to add political or religious views/

Again, thanks to all.


John Eppstein

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Jun 3 15 4:20 AM


I'd just like to add that when it comes to politics I'M ALWAYS RIGHT (except when I'm wrong.) I have a number of very good friends who are always wrong politically, but I love them despite their flaws. May they do the same for me.

I've just discovered this place, I see that a number of people that I know and respect from elsewhere are here. I'm happy to have found it.

Nice t'meetchall.....



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Nov 13 15 10:24 PM

I'd like to point out that Soapfoot's comments in the "Safe Spaces" thread are offensive and racist. I take it a bit personally because of the things that are going on at my workplace. He shouldn't get a free pass just because he couches his statements in touchy-feely language.



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Nov 13 15 11:06 PM

I find sweeping statements that judge what other forum members have or have not experienced, to be quite offensive. Especially when the statement is made from a position of ignorance. Definitely as offensive as anything from Fenris's deleted post.

But if I let every stupid thing I read on the internet rankle me, life just wouldn't be fun.

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