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compasspnt wrote:

tb av wrote:Hey Terry.. if you sit through that one.... You hear anything interesting right after the 16:35 mark?

A total rip. Someone should sue, but both Mack and Luther have died, so...

i know i wasn't there and all, but as far as i know, the song jah is doing ("the liquidator") came before the staples' version. and there's even a vocal version before "the liquidator"

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to me the interesting aspect isn't a desire to "go back to the 1950s" (which I in no way have).

it's that I think it's useful, nd important, to have some historical perspective on the evolution of techniques.

I always tell people asking about drum recording, for example, to think of it in terms of its evolution: from one mic on the other side of the room, to perhaps one mic over the drums, to two, to adding a snare mic or a low side mic, etc

that's a much better way to THINK about what you need, rather than just starting with a 26 mic setup because you saw it on the internets.

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