eric harizanos

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Mar 24 12 2:42 PM

I seem to a lot of stuff here, I'm sorry but this is too good and exciting:

Haven't seen a sexier girl, lulu-like devil, since Jennifer Charles. I may be under the spell but I think she is the Marylin of the 21th century.

Birth of an icon...

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Mar 29 12 12:03 AM

No kidding.


cool. that's the first footage I've seen of the Alphonse/ Miroslav incarnation. Zawinul just blows me away.

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darin k

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Apr 2 12 6:09 PM

Actually, I prefer the JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound original songs to their covers.  Yeah, it's all extremely "retro," and maybe it's not up to the level of original Stax stuff, but that doesn't stop it from being good:

Darin Keatley

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Apr 19 12 4:17 AM

One more.  This is from a TV show I've worked on back in Ireland for 9 years.  Skip through the chat at the start (about 2 mins) and please try to ignore the terrible audio, the music is worth it.

Adams was easily the most difficult artist I've ever worked with but when when he and Neil played this song in soundcheck I sat at their feet (literally) and heard some of the most amazing music I've ever been witness to.

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