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Aug 22 16 3:55 PM

One of the principals in Pantheon Steel, maker of the Halo handpan has passed on. The company released a video tribute to Jim Dusin. In it you get a glimpse of the factory and how Pantheon is trying to automate the assembly of pan drums.

"Kerry fixed the stereo, and now it doesn't work." (My six-year-old sister)

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Diamond Forever

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Sep 28 16 8:37 PM

One of the comments on youtube re this video:

The long Japanese tradition of very, very talented and very technical musicianship. However, as much as the musicianship is talented, and technically adept, there seems to be a lack of soul. In that, well, it's Jazz, and it's played so well, but lacks that swing, that certain something that only authentic musicians can bring, American musicians.

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Oct 28 16 6:44 PM

I've been following this dancer for a while, ever since Kollaboration. He's the same one that did the Volkwagen (?) 'Singin' In The Rain' commercial, with CGI sticking Gene Kelly's face on him. Quite unique style.

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Nov 5 16 6:54 PM

trock wrote:
Putting the speed aside, i am amazed how great he was at piano, bass, drums and everything

Shawns body of work though is still growing a huge fan base, sad story but i am amazed anytime i see him. new article about him that i think summarizes things well


With my friend Les Birchfield on drums, playing in Argentina in 2000.

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Nov 16 16 12:49 AM

Here's something that I've enjoyed as of late. My writing somewhat akin, although a little more progressive...melodically thereabouts. Recorded version likewise nice..
Writers: Emy lou, Rodney and Corey Chisel. Nice relaxing stuff...lyric included for perspective, for anyone.


We don't all die young to save our spark
From the ravages of time
But the first and last to leave their mark
Someday become the traveling kind

In the wind are names of poets past
Some were friends of yours and mine
And to those unsung, we lift our glass
May their songs become the traveling kind

We were born to brave this tilted world
With our hearts laid on the line
Be it way-crossed boy or red dirt girl
The song becomes the traveling kind

There are mountains worth their weight in gold
Mere mortals dare not climb
Come ye tipsy, sainted, sinners both
And claim them for the traveling kind

When the music slowly starts to fade
Into the light's last soft decline
Let us lie down in that evening shade
And rest among the traveling kind


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